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Your Choice

Choice of What? It is your right to choose your physical therapist! This means you have the right to seek out physical therapy (PT) treatment that best suits your needs.  Your healthcare provider may justifiably make a recommendation based on their experience and personal knowledge.  However, according New York State legislation, he or she cannot dictate where you receive your PT Services. 

What are key considerations in choosing a Southern Tier Physical Therapy of Binghamton?  

  • You are more than just a number!  Your initial evaluation with our therapist typically takes one hour.  In subsequent appointments, you have a minimum 30-minute hands-on session with expert(s) from our Physical Therapy Team.  And many appointments can last up to an hour depending on additional needs for therapeutic stimulation, rehabilitation exercises and/or Kinesiology Taping.

  • Our level of experience.  Our clinical therapists are unparalleled in their years of experience, as well as, level of specialization.  Our experience is reflected in our satisfied patients.  Over 90% of our new patients are referred to us by an existing or former patient!

  • We are in this together.  We develop an individualized treatment plan to help your return to an active lifestyle.  With your permission, using an interdisciplinarian approach,  we collaborate with your doctors for input to your treatment plan.  We also work with your insurance and/or workers compensation providers to make our services as accessible and affordable as possible.  And we don't stop there, our fitness center is available to our patients to maintain the success of their therapy even after a formal treatment plan completes.

Click the following links to see what, New York Physical Therapy Associates, the leading advocate for patient rights, has to say regarding:

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