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Colleen Jayne, PTA

​Colleen joined the STPT of Binghamton family in 1992 upon graduating from the PTA program at SUNY Broome Community College (BCC) with an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree. She has worked alongside Matt Myette, PT since the beginning of her career in 1992. Her professional interests include orthopedic injuries, sports rehabilitation, and TMJ. Colleen believes in the hands-on team approach that is followed at STPT and has carried that onto the basketball court. She has been the girls' basketball coach at Seton Catholic Central in Binghamton for the past 15 years and counting and has seen much success from year to year.

John Francis, PTA

​John graduated from BCC with an AAS/PTA degree in 1996. Shortly after graduation, John started working at STPT of Binghamton alongside Matt Myette, PT. He has a special interest working with core stability and overall/sport-specific strengthening and conditioning. John has continued his interest in health and fitness outside of the clinic.  He was certified as a Professional Trainer (CProT) in 2002, a Certified Mat Pilates Instructor (CPI) in 2002, and a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) in 2010. In his time outside of the office, John owns and operates Francis Fitness.

Christi Bulman, PTA

​Christi graduated from BCC in 2012 with an AAS/PTA degree. She has been a member of the STPT of Binghamton family since 2012 and currently works alongside Malia Watson, MSPT, CKTP and Kumari Riegle, PT. Since beginning her career in physical therapy, Christi has developed a manual-based skills-set in orthopedic, neurological, and geriatric based patients. Christi is a compassionate therapist who also has experience as a student athlete and as a coach for girls' soccer and lacrosse. She enjoys working with other athletes and practices traditional modalities combined with new techniques and kinesiotaping methods.

Patricia Foley, PT

​Pat joined STPT of Binghamton in 1992 and is a co-owner with Matt Myette, PT. She grew up in Broome County, is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo, and brings over thirty years of experience as a Physical Therapist to the practice. In addition to treatment services for general orthopedic rehabilitation, spine and joint problems and sports injury rehab, Pat has extensive experience in specialty areas including pre/post natal treatment, breast cancer rehabilitation, lymphatic decongestive techniques, vertigo and balance disorders, bowel and bladder dysfunction, incontinence, pelvic pain and status/post prostatectomy. Pat employs manual techniques (i.e. craniosacral, advanced strain/counterstrain methods and myofascial release) in addition to traditional modalities. She has worked alongside Terri Smith, PTA since 1998, Kate Mikels, PTA since 2008 and Kristin Ricciardi, PTA since 2015.

Kristin Ricciardi, PTA

​Kristin graduated from BCC in 2015 with her AAS/PTA degree and upon graduation she joined STPT of Binghamton to work alongside Pat Foley, PT. She began her professional career in 2004 as a Licensed Massage Therapist and has worked in both chiropractic and spa settings. Kristin's combined work experience has allowed her to treat a diverse population of patients and has instilled in her the importance of the hands-on approach. Since becoming a member of the STPT team, Kristin has continued to expand upon her skills and has been trained in craniosacral therapy and kinesiotaping.

Malia Watson, MSPT, CKTP

​Malia graduated from College Misericordia with her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 1999. While in college she completed her orthopedic clinical affiliation at STPT of Binghamton and then briefly worked for the practice before specializing in pediatrics. She has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, a not for profit agency, home care and preschools. Malia returned to STPT of Binghamton in 2010 and has extensive experience working with both pediatric and adult populations. She is a Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner (CKTP), as well as a Level 1 Certified Hippotherapist. Her areas of special interest include: orthopedics (post- surgical, sports related injuries and spinal rehab) and pediatrics (bracing and orthotics, torticollis and plagiocephaly, and pediatric orthopedics). She has worked with Christi Bulman, PTA since 2012 and Joe Stento, PTA since 2016.

Kumari Riegle, PT

​Kumari graduated from the University of Hartford in 2002 with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy. She began her career providing center-based physical therapy for preschoolers and then went on to provide home-based services for infants and toddlers through the Broome County Early Intervention Program. Kumari began working at STPT of Binghamton in 2010 and currently treats both the pediatric and adult populations. Kumari is a Level 1 Certified Hippotherapist and has experience providing aquatic physical therapy. Her special areas of interest include pediatrics (torticollis and plagiocephaly, developmental delays, pediatric orthopedics, etc.), orthopedic injuries, pre/post-surgical rehabilitation, and myofascial release. She has worked with Christi Bulman, PTA since 2012 and Joe Stento, PTA since 2016.

Katelyn Mikels, PTA

​Kate graduated from BCC in 2008 with an AAS/PTA degree and has worked at STPT of Binghamton alongside Pat Foley, PT since she received her license. She has many years of experience working with patients at a variety of age levels in orthopedic, neurological, and pre/post-surgical rehabilitation. Throughout the span of her career, Kate has taken special interest in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, pre/post-natal women's services, and kinesiotaping. She is very driven and takes continuing education courses each year to further her expertise. Kate also serves as the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE) for STPT of Binghamton.

Matthew Myette, PT

​Matt graduated from Boston University in 1984 with a degree in Physical Therapy and has been in the orthopedic field (in/out patient departments) since the beginning of his career. Matt has extensive training in manual therapy with special areas of interest including, but not limited to, spinal, sports rehabilitation, TMJ, running injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. He co-founded Southern Tier Physical Therapy Associates (STPTA) in 1986 with Todd Mansfield, PT but took a four year absence from the area to be at Massachusetts General Hospital. He returned in 1991 at which point, STPT of Binghamton's original office was opened on Oak Street in Binghamton. Matt has always maintained the treatment principle of one-on-one care and he has worked alongside Colleen Jayne, PTA since 1992 and John Francis, PTA since 1996.

Joseph Stento, PTA

​Joe graduated from BCC in 2016 with his AAS/PTA degree and officially joined STPT of Binghamton upon graduation in May. He currently works alongside Kumari Riegle, PT and Malia Watson, MSPT, CKTP.  He has experience playing soccer as a student athlete and also enjoys golfing in his free time. While it is early in his career, Joe's professional interests thus far include general orthopedic rehabilitation and sports-related injuries. He is eager to continue his training and plans to expand upon his skills-set by learning myofascial release techniques and kinesiotaping methods.

Terri Smith, PTA

​Terri graduated from BCC with an AAS/PTA degree in 1998. Prior to becoming a PTA, Terri was a Medical Assistant with more than 20 years of experience working in a Family Practice setting. She chose to expand her career into physical therapy and has worked at STPT of Binghamton since 1998 alongside Pat Foley, PT. Terri specializes in women's health services, osteoporosis, kinesiotaping, exercises for urinary incontinence, and balance rehabilitation. She has spent a great deal of time developing a set of falls risk treatment plans that target balance, coordination and gait training for the older populations who are at a greater risk of experiencing falls.


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